Policies and reports


Techno Culture Club’s website and social network pages are spaces of exchange and information for the community gathered around the mission and activities of the organization. In order to ensure respectful and constructive exchanges, some rules must be respected.

If you witness or experience an event that goes against this netiquette, do not hesitate to contact us via the direct messages of the social network concerned or via our contact page to report it. We will respond to the best of our ability.

See our complete netiquette.

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Inclusive Writing Policy

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Techno Culture Club is aware that language is a tool of invisibilization for all minoritized people. We want to raise awareness of this issue in our personal and professional environments to bring about change. To this end, TCC has adopted an inclusive writing policy for all its communications.

You can read it here (in French).

Activity Report

Read our annual report 2020-21 (in French).

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