Mission, Vision and History


Une aînée et une animatrice découvrent la tablette numérique
© Danielle Aznavourian

Techno Culture Club envisions a proactive and supportive society in the face of new technological realities and advocates for equitable and inclusive access to digital tools, as well as the knowledge necessary to:

  • master digital tools;
  • understand their expressive and creative potential;
  • have a critical look at their issues, problems, uses and origins;
  • appropriate digital tools in a spirit of collective action and mutual aid.


Techno Culture Club is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports digital literacy and digital justice to make technology and digital culture more accessible, equitable, and participatory.

To implement its mission, TCC designs and facilitates activities, trainings, and events – both public and professional – to promote:

  1. technocreativity at the introductory and advanced levels (visual or sound media creation, 3D modeling, etc.);
  2. awareness of the issues of the digital world (confidentiality of data, reliability of information found online, security, etc.);
  3. digital literacy.

And this, while making constant efforts to:

  • pay special attention to vulnerable populations in the face of digital divides and acceleration;
  • remain attentive to the needs of its audiences in order to adapt to them;
  • favour collective and participative approaches to learning and experimentation;
  • make available online in free and open source license its material developed in the framework of its activities;
  • prioritize the use of free and open source software;
  • collaborate as equals with community organizations and communities to achieve common goals;
  • work with existing public resources and institutions to improve their practices and make them more accessible.


© Vjosana Shkurti

Born out of Museomix 2014 in Montreal, Techno Culture Club was first formed around maker culture, a culture rooted in the exploration of new technologies and the accessibility of knowledge in communities. The first projects that followed – SpaceApps Montreal and ABC3D, for example – laid the foundation for an organization focused on creativity and the appropriation of digital culture by all. With a playful and educational approach, TCC began offering workshops in libraries and schools in the Greater Montreal area in 2017 with an offer that combines code and environment, 3D printing and virtual reality.

Culture is dear to the heart of the TCC team given its roots in Museomix. The organization has therefore set up digital artist residencies, offered training for creators and created the AlterCultura project, an emulation of the founding project.

While maintaining its offering of technocreative workshops, TCC opened a whole new part of its mission in 2019: digital literacy. Since the organization’s primary goal was to advocate for equitable and inclusive access to digital tools, it was only natural to accompany people as they took their first steps into that world. This is why TCC set up the Tech Parents, Digital Kids program and created the workshops and trainings for the large pan-Canadian digital literacy project AlphaNumérique.