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Artists residencies - call for proposals 2018/2019

In continuation to our “Digital Culture Kit” residency project held at the Studio, Techno Culture Club is opening registration to its next artist residency until December 12 2018 at midnight. These two residencies will start in mid-January 2019 with the purpose of creating “artwork kits” that are intended to offer new digital art experiences to library users.

Techno Culture Club’s residencies offer artists opportunities to experiment and co-create with its team a new digital artwork experience for users of public libraries. Over the course of one month, resident artists have access to a work station within a shared work area. Residents receive an artist fee and free access to Techno Culture Club equipment and workshop space.

Are you an artist interested in digital art and would you like to foster new digital experiences for library users?

If so, this residency is made for you!

Application deadline: December 12 2018 at midnight.


Each residency will focus on creating an “artwork kit”. Like a book, the artwork kit is an object that users will borrow for free from the library, inviting users to participate in a artistic experience. The kit consists of:

  • A digital work of art which is easy to manipulate and to reproduce;
  • A guide on how to use the kit.

    The “artwork kit” will be made available to a few public libraries of Montreal’s Metropolitan area.


  • not need to be fully bilingual
  • to be engaged in a digital, sound-based, or new media practice;
  • to be able to collaborate and co-create with others;
  • to be open to your work being reused and remixed in the future;

    We celebrate the beauty of diverse identities, be they ancestral, sexual, ableness, neural, intersectional, etc, and recognize the barriers that people with certain (in)visible identities may experience in less inclusive environments. If you have questions or concerns about the workplace or our capacity to provide accommodations, we invite you to reach out to us at boygeorge@technoculture.club.

Participation in the residency involves

  • Compensation for the residency: $1650 per participant
  • One month of co-creation to make a digital cultural experience, including:
    • at least 20 hours per week at Techno Culture Club workshop space,
    • support from staff of Techno Culture Club
    • access to technological and audio-visual equipment in Techno Culture Club workshop space
  • Documentation produced with support from TCC, including:
    • a minimal visual (video or photo and text) journalling of the co-creative process
    • user guide
    • technical documentation
    • kit reproduction how-to guide
  • To be present at a showcasing event on March 2019 (date to be confirmed) :
    • a short presentation about the project and your artwork kit

      Application deadline

      December 12, 2018 at midnight (Montreal time). Please note that incomplete submissions or submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Please, fill the application form: click here

Application Guide

An application guide is available as a downloadable PDF. It includes a list of all the applications questions as well as an extensive FAQ. If you have any questions not answered in the guide, please contact us at boygeorge@technoculture.club.

Deadline application : December 12 2018 at midnight