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Museomix (MSMX) is a technological and cultural event, but foremost a laboratory of co-creative culture promoting the emergence of a museum which is open, networked and participative. Over 3 days, MSMX inaugurates the museum: in the physical reality of its constraints and proper functioning. This junction between the imaginary and real is at the heart of the challenge. It is the occasion to take action and walk the walk, rather than getting stuck at talking about or describing doing. In collaboration, they share their know-how to invent new museum experiences (of interaction, of attendance, of mediation, ...).

Participants with diverse skills and experiences (coders, creatives, designers, museum pros, cultural mediators, teachers, innovators, tinkerers, ...) gather and prototype new devices of cultural mediation.

The spirit of Museomix is, above all, a space for the experimentation and elaboration of new forms of interacting within and in partnership with the institution. It is about collaboratively inventing new forms of action-research to improve the inclusion of the varied perspectives of professionals, of researchers and, more globally, of users.

The original vision inspiring Museomix

  • An open museum, inclusive to all;
  • A living-lab museum that evolves with its users;
  • A networked museum in touch with its communities.

The mission

  • Foster collaboration. We create transdisciplinary opportunities for new ideas and projects to emerge.
  • Test and lead by example. We create the conditions to experiment on and within museums. We show that it’s possible to innovate the museum experience, by doing it!
  • Bring new ideas to light. Museomix’s experiments and meetups are organized so that new ideas are encouraged and pushed forward.
  • Share freely. We share the projects, technologies, and content that help advance the vision of an open, living, and networked museum. We push for free and open licensing of all that we produce.
  • Build a community that takes care of itself and its members. We augment the size, the autonomy and the impact of the community. The development of all of our members is encouraged by a virtuous circle of support.

For more information about the Museomix project: