Migrart : training program for artists

– 2019 –

Techno Culture Club collaborate with the artist Feliz Tupe to offer a serie of digital art training program to to immigrant artists of first and second generation from April to July, 2019 at Centre du Plateau.


Techno Culture Club is willing to increase digital competencies for first and second generation canadian artists by offering a serie of digital training programs with a low-cost (pay what you can).

MIGRART : what is it?

With 2 training programs included 4 practical sessions, these programs is aimed to equip artists with digital literacy skills and access to digital equipment in order to develop and inform new artistic practices.

These programs, artists will learn technical skills of 2D/3D animation, using a Risograph or augmented reality by practicing with 2 softwares (Blender and Inkscape) :

  • Blender & Inkscape : open-source tools are often used in media arts, graphic design and 3D modeling.
  • Risograph : a printer that uses the technology of screen-printing. It is the most eco-friendly printer, using biodegradable inks based from rice oil & soy, with registered recycled ink cartridges, and uses between 70-97% less energy than the average printer

They will also have full professional documentation of their work as well as an opportunity to exhibit in a final exhibit scheduled on July 2019 at Centre du Plateau.

For who ?

These programs are open to every immigrant artists of first and second generation. First or second generation is including people whom was born outside of Canada or is a canadian citizen by parents born abroad.

Artist statement :

Felikinesis; a first-generation queer Filipina-Canadian artist, gratefully settled and practicing on Kanien’kehá:ka land. She is a zinester, printer, skill-sharer, facilitator, 3D-modeller, survivor, and lover of community.

Her art practice is a forever evolving fluid living archive. It is relational to her current state of being as a queer brown body. It is a research-based process with educational and informational wellness as the backbone. It speaks poetry through line and finds answers through narratives. It finds ways to disengage with the 3rd-dimension in order to connect to an alternative state of self and others. Ultimately, her work tries to connect with the expansion of the universe. More recently, it is exploring what it means to gain collective knowledge through community of practice.

This project is supported by Arts Council of Montréal as part of DémART – MTL 2019 program.