Digital culture kits

– 2018 –

The digital cultural kits are a technocultural project consisting of three co-creation residencies offered to multidisciplinary pairs at the Studio, Multicultural Library of Laval’s medialab from July to August 2018.

What are the Digital Culture Kits?

These are cultural and participative digital experiences that can be borrowed from the library, just like a book, for all library users.

Each kit consists of the following elements :

  1. A ready-to-use digital equipment that creates a memorable cultural experience. Each kit is thus accessible to the greatest number of people because it is free, open-source and reproducible.
  2. A small illustrated guide, with explanations on how to use the material and inspire the citizen to create in turn by being inspired by the design team’s approach.
  3. All this in a small and easy to carry box.

The project

In a society where digital technology is omnipresent, mastering and understanding the tools becomes a real challenge to create the conditions for an active digital citizenship.

After the success of Museomix, Techno Culture Club renews with this project its wish to enrich the cultural experience and participation of citizens through new technologies and wishes to contribute to the creation of new cultural and digital uses within libraries.

The project began with three co-creation residencies at the Studio. For two months, the Studio hosted multidisciplinary duos with the aim of creating three technological and participative experiences for library users:

  • Icosa created by Pierre-Arnaud Yahya Vargas and Julie Chaffarod,
  • Interpretation realized by Isabelle L. Bédard and Chris Niven,
  • Mégalomania conceived by Olivier Gélinas Richard with the support of Ariel Harlap and Pierre-Arnaud Yahya Vargas.
Oeuvre d'art numérique
oeuvre vidéo Innovatio
oeuvre numérique laval

À la fin des résidences, Techno Culture Club et les artistes/makers ont présenté les créations pour la première fois au public lors d’un événement à la Bibliothèque Multiculturelle de la ville de Laval dans le cadre de la 20ème édition de la Semaine des bibliothèques publiques du Québec.

Little report – Digital Culture Kits

Our partners

This project was carried out in partnership with the City of Laval and with the financial support of the Direction de Laval, de Lanaudière et des Laurentides of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications as part of the support program for innovative regional digital projects.

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