Digital Arts in Libraries

– 2019 –

As a continuation of the Digital Cultural Kits project, Techno Culture Club is hosting two digital artists in residence from January to February 2019 with the goal of co-creating “kit artworks” with the organization for library audiences.

Techno Culture Club’s residencies offer artists the opportunity to experiment and co-create with its team new works for library audiences. Artists in residence have access to a workspace (shared with the organization’s team) for one month. They are compensated for their participation in the residency and have access to Techno Culture Club’s facilities and studio.


Each residency aims at the co-creation of a digital work offered in a ready-to-assemble kit. It is a collective creation. Like a book, the artwork in the kit can be consulted at the library and/or borrowed. It is a digital and participative work, intended for young adults. Each work is composed of the following elements:

  • Digital works that are ready to be presented, viewable and/or borrowable by the community (in libraries) and reproducible.
  • A small guide for the communities to which the artist’s work will be distributed that explains the context of the work’s creation, how to seize it and experience it.

The digital works were then presented at an event in March 2019 and made available at the Maison culturelle et communautaire Library in Montreal-Nord until June 2019.

Participation in this residency involves

  • A stipend for the residency: $1650 per artist
  • Duration: one month to co-create a digital work
  • Minimum 20 hours per week at the Centre du Plateau
  • Collective creation: with the TCC team
  • Access to TCC’s technological and audiovisual equipment
  • Documentation: creation of various explanatory materials
  • A mediation guide on the work
  • A documentation of the code and/or technical construction of the work
  • A guide explaining how to create or reproduce the work

Artwork created:

This project was funded by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal