Technocreative Workshops

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For whom :

  • Age groups by activity.
  • 6-9 years, 9-13 years, 13-17 years, adults, seniors


  • Techno Culture Club has developed an expertise in the design and execution of creative projects using technology. Our popular creative workshops using digital technology touch on various themes: hacking, virtual reality, 3D modeling, digital arts, media creation, audio, graphic design and video games.
  • Workshops can be one-time or in a club format.

Costs and contact:

Digital Literacy Workshops

formation littératie numérique
© Laurence Bissonnette

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For whom:

  • Adults and seniors for AlphaNumérique workshops
  • Teens, adults and seniors for digital citizenship workshops


  • Techno Culture Club was the lead developer of the digital literacy workshops for the pan-Canadian AlphaNumérique project. We have been able to create courses to help people learn about the digital world, from understanding a computer keyboard to understanding the implications of social networking algorithms. Our workshops make it possible to appropriate the digital world and to level it with a critical and ethical look.
  • Several levels: initiation, improvement, digital citizenship

Costs and contact:

  • AlphaNumérique workshops are offered free of charge until March 31, 2022. All details on
  • To find exactly what you are looking for, go to the orientation page
  • After March 31, 2022:
    In-person: $500 or $350/workshop when booking three or more
    Online: $350 or $250/workshop when booking three or more
  • After March 31, 2022, as our funding could not be renewed, the offer becomes fee-based. Accessibility remains a core value of our mission. We want even the smallest institutions and organizations to be able to offer our activities to their members. If you have any questions about our pricing or would like to schedule our workshops, but price is an obstacle, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you ways to find funding and/or the possibility of pairing your activities with another organization.