Our services

Techno Culture Club offers workshops, trainings and coaching all aimed at enabling communities to appropriate digital tools and use them as a means of expression and sharing in an ethical and inclusive approach of digital citizenship.

We mainly offer our services to cultural institutions (museums, libraries, etc.), schools and community organizations.

Techno Culture Club is constantly evolving its workshops to better adapt to its audiences. Experimentation, active and playful learning are important to us and are present in each of our proposals.


photo credit: Techno Culture Club

Digital technology can be learned step by step. We offer simplification workshops that introduce digital technology, but also playful creation activities using digital technology. Whether it’s one, ten or twenty Techno Culture Club workshops, there’s always room to learn, create and appropriate digital tools to better advance.

Professional trainings

crédit photo : Techno Culture Club

Techno Culture Club creates (and develops customized) professional training around emerging technologies and practices. Dynamic and flexible, we create collaborative learning environments centered on human beings and promoting the ability to act by taking advantage of current technological transformations.

Animation in medialabs and fablabs

crédit photo : Techno Culture Club

Medialab and fablab spaces play a key role in the digital transition. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Techno Culture Club supports professionals in the animation of their spaces and offers a tailored service.