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Hackathon : coding for the environment

On May 24th, seventy-five students of the Paul-Jarry elementary school had a unique, scientific culture experience. They were given one day to find solutions to challenges related to the environment using programming, electronics and making.

As a part of our educational project on programming and making for the environment, Techno Culture Club, in collaboration with the Paul-Jarry elementary school, organised a hackathon to engage students with creative challenges to environmental issues. Rewind to what was an amazing experience for students and, equally, for the instructors and parents.

Mini-hackathon : challenging on environmental issues

The first activities : A few weeks before the hackathon, students participated in introductory, micro:bits programming workshops during which they learnt how to measure data and connect sensors in order to be prepared for the event.

The big day : Students separated into groups of 2 or 3 students to resolve environmental challenges :

1 - Passive cooling challenge : Programming a system which can block sunlight to regulate the room temperature without needing to use an air conditioner.

2 - Community garden challenge : Creating a automatic watering system which will water the soil when it is too dry.

3 - Solar panel challenge : Capturing as much sunlight as possible with a solar panel.

After 5 hours of work, they presented their solutions to teachers and parents.
The event was a great success: students were motivated, parents were impressed, teachers were engaged and the organisers were thrilled by the how well the activities were received.

Techno Culture Club wishes to thank Paul-Jarry elementary school, without whom the hackathon would not have been possible.

Thanks as well to Kids Code Jeunesse for their donation of equipment and support during this hackathon.

The educational project, in its entirety, is made possible by collaborations with the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board, the Montréal Science Centre and Kids Code Jeunesse.

This project benefits from the financial support of the NovaScience program of the Quebec Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation.

Relive some of the best moments of the hackathon in images: