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Job Offer - Executive Director [Extended]

[extended until February 28th 11:59 PM]

Our team is currently hiring an Executive Director (ED). This person will support the overall sustainability and health of our organization by:

  • leading the development and implementation of our strategic priorities;
  • guiding the organization in executing our vision;
  • mentoring directors and supporting staff;
  • managing organizational budgeting and finances; and,
  • executing various administrative tasks.

The start date for the position is mid-March, 2021 with the exact date to be determined with the selected candidate.

Key logistics details

Length of contract: Permanent position with six month probationary period
Work hours and schedule: 35 hrs/wk. Position sometimes requires a fluctuating work schedule, with periods of greater demands on time than others. Hours worked over 35 per week are banked and taken back in quieter periods. Flexible hours, typically 9am to 5pm, possibility to start early or end late.
Compensation: $58, 240 per year ($32/hr)
Benefits: 3-weeks paid vacation
Location: currently work from home, with the possibility for occasional in-person meetings depending on your comfort level; normally we work in office at the Centre du Plateau (address in footer). It’s possible we will return to working in person in summer or fall of 2021.

About TCC:

Techno Culture Club is a non profit organisation which promotes and supports digital literacy and digital justice to make technology and digital culture more accessible, fair and participative.

You can check out this video for more information.

Externally, we work primarily in French, but internally we are very bilingual. Although the ED must be able to communicate professionally in French, we can adapt if you primarily think and write in English.

A note on our current context and who we are looking for - if this sounds interesting, we might be a perfect match!

We are an organization with strong values rooted in anti-oppression and community participation. We are continually trying to better apply these values both internally and externally. While we are an hierarchical organization, our high-level decisions are made collaboratively by a committee of directors who work on various portfolios [Communications, HR, Services, Projects, Development]. We prioritize collaboration, participation, consultation and respect.

We’re looking to hire an Executive Director who is excited to strengthen our organizational structure, practices and policies. They will help us develop clear project priorities and foster external relations, to enhance the services we offer to the community.

The Executive Director will also provide support and mentorship to our team of directors, ensuring that we stay on target as a collective in a caring, thoughtful way. They will foster an environment where staff feel supported as well as accountable to their work and to our vision.

We are in a period of growth as an organization, and are working in a sector with extremely high demand and many potential opportunities. We are looking for a leader who can develop a clear strategic vision for TCC, and who has the drive to move the organization forward and stabilize it while keeping in line with our values.

The main challenges of this position are:

  • We do not have core funding, although our finances are relatively stable until March 2022. The Executive Director will be responsible for collaborating with the director of development to develop strategic projects and secure project funding past this point.
  • Our organization is in a growth phase of its development. We have grown a lot over the past two years, and are still in the process of settling. This means our internal structures (such as our accountability and supervision structure) are newly developed and will need to continue to be adjusted over time.

Responsibilities of the position :

Vision and Leadership:

  • Ensuring that the organisation’s projects and strategic priorities are in line with our vision and mission
  • Ensuring that staff and board understand this vision and how their work relates to it
  • Leading the organisation in its response to unforeseen occurrences

Governance and Organizational Structure:

  • Working with the Board of Directors to ensure good governance
  • Supporting the continuing transition towards a less hierarchical org structure which nonetheless prioritizes accountability
  • Collaborating on the continued definition and execution of policies around supervision and accountability

Mentorship and supporting staff:

  • Ensuring directors stay on track and remain accountable to their work, as individuals and a collective;
  • Supporting other staff in their work as necessary;
  • Offering guidance, coaching and professional development opportunities as required for each director;
  • In collaboration with the HR director, ensuring HR policies and practices are being implemented using an approach that respects the values of the organization

Strategic Development and Funding:

  • Working closely with the director of development to develop projects, secure funding and follow-up on grants (reporting, etc.)
  • Ensuring strategic partnership development with other organizations working in the sector and with current and potential funders

Finance and Administration:

  • Ensuring the financial health of the organization through budgeting and bookkeeper supervision
  • Harmonizing organizational financial systems (tracking, billing, reporting, etc.)
  • Various day-to-day administrative duties (banking, reporting, account management, lease renewal, etc.)
  • Ensuring the organization is in compliance with governmental and funding reporting requirements

Ideal Candidate :

We’ve written a fairly exhaustive list of skills and experiences which will help a candidate succeed in the position. If you do not have experience in all of these areas, but nonetheless feel you are prepared, able and excited to be our ED, we encourage you to apply.


  • 2+ years of on-the-job experience in a similar position, 5+ years of not-for-profit work experience
  • Professional proficiency in French
  • Digital literacy (Google Drive, Slack, other project management platforms)
  • Strong emotional intelligence and collaborative skills

Vision and Leadership:

  • Understanding of systemic oppression, especially, knowledge or interest in social issues relating to technology and digital literacy (the digital divide, the effects of systemic barriers on access, etc.)
  • Interest in digital creativity and the cultural sector, new technologies and digital culture

Finance and Administration:

  • Experience in organizational budgeting and financial management
  • Knowledge of nonprofit obligations
  • Demonstrated organizational and task-management skills

Governance, Supervision and Organizational Structure:

  • Experience in the community sector and/or working in small- or medium-sized organizations
  • Experience working with, and/or interest in, non-hierarchical organizational models
  • Team management & supervision skills

Strategic Development and Funding

  • Ideas about what you would like to see and prioritize in terms of projects, priorities, collaborations, etc.
  • Experience in organizational strategic planning
  • Experience in project development


  • Knowledge of funding opportunities in the sector
  • Knowledge of other organizations and initiatives working in digital literacy and/or digital culture
  • Experience with systems thinking, change management
  • Professional proficiency in English

To apply:

Please submit a completed online application through this Google Form before February 9th, 2021:
forms.gle/aEDn6Kmj7fuiR9ef8 [extended until February 28th 11:59 PM]
In the online application, please attach your CV as a PDF (in english or french, as you prefer).

If you have questions or require assistance with the online form, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@technoculture.club. While we thank you for your application, only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted.

As an employer, TCC believes in promoting equality and diversity in our team. We prioritise candidates from groups who are often under-represented or face systemic exclusion, including but not limited to Indigenous people (First Nations, Metis and Inuit), people of colour, members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, people with disabilities, and new immigrants. We encourage people to self-identify on their application form if they wish.
(This statement was heavily inspired by Exeko; we would like to thank them for their work.