Preventative Maintenance

– 2017 – The beginner’s guide on how to prevent technology from failing By Ariel Harlap, Techno Culture Club co-director. Preventative maintenance is one of the easiest way to keep …

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ABC3D Guides

Maisons imprimées en 3D

– 2016 – As part of the ABC3D project, we tested and documented a series of workshops on 3D printing in libraries. We have produced workshop guides for librarians with …

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– 2016 – ABC3D is an exploratory project that aims to design and experiment about ten different workshops using 3D printing in libraries, based on the model of living labs. …

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– 2014-2015 – Qu’est-ce que c’est ? Space Apps Challenge is a two-day international hackathon where teams of techies, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students collaborate around the …

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Museomix MTL

Atelier museo MIXMTL

– 2014-2015 – What is it ? Museomix is a technological and cultural event, but first and foremost a laboratory for cultural co-creation that aims to promote the emergence of …

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