About Us

Creation, arts & technology

Founded following the organization of Museomix Montréal in 2014, Techno Culture Club (TCC) is a nonprofit organization which develops activities and projects at the intersection of culture and emergent technologies with a particular attention to exploration and inspiring creativity with communities. Through its actions, TCC seeks to cultivate active participation, inclusion, accessibility and the agency of communities within public, educational and cultural institutions (libraries, museums, community centres, schools, public spaces, …).

TCC's actions are based on three goals:

  • Fostering creativity, experimentation and the emergence of new artistic and digital practices
  • Developing professional trainings and resources in order to support them in the digital transformation.
  • Encouraging and supporting new cultural and digital practices in communities

    TCC provide techno-creative activities and develop various projects for young and old, amateurs, artists, professionals…Many modular services available to attend your needs :

Techno-créatives workshops · Pro trainings · Projects · Resources

Our team

Collaboration, and transparency are part of Techno Culture Club DNA. Based on a strong spirit of community engagement, a dozen qualified and passionate staff is willing to share their energy, art an digital skills with communities.

  • Malaurie Barlet, Co-director
  • Ariel Harlap, Co-director
  • Firas Nassri, Communication & marketing manager
  • David Drouin, Services coordinator
  • Amanda Murphy, Human ressources manager
  • Mauricio Buschinelli, Techno-creative project manager
  • Andréann Cossette Viau, Techno-creative project manager
  • Paule Saint-Pierre-Charbonneau, Project manager - Events
  • Gabrielle-Léa Tétrault, Project manager - Events
  • Rachel Tardif, Project manager
  • Facilitators : Kelly, Sarah, Archie, Stefania, Feliz et Laetitia