About Us

Creation, arts & technology

Techno Culture Club is an a non-profit organization at the intersection of culture and technology which develops and experiments new digital and creative practices for communities.


We facilitate creative technology activities, support professionals with training and resources, engage users in digital media and fabrication labs, produce technology-discovery fairs and creative sprints, and design and implement novel participatory and cultural experiences.

During this moment of effervescence for digital culture, we practice experimentation, collaboration and creative uses of technologies to support a community-centred development of the cultural sector. Through our activities, we continue to engage critically with technology’s expanding role in culture and society. Our mantra is people re-make institutions – our actions nurture the active participation, connectedness, understanding, and agency of communities in these spaces.

Areas of interest & action :

  • cultural spaces (museums, libraries, etc.)
  • digital justice
  • education and learning
  • the city and urban spaces
  • new media and new forms of storytelling


Techno Culture Club was born following the first edition of Museomix in Montreal. The participants, as well as the even organizers, were all seduced by the energy of Museomix. They were seeking more occasions to meet and collaborate on projects.