About Us


Founded following the organization of Museomix Montréal in 2014, Techno Culture Club envisions a society that is proactive and stands in solidarity in the face of new technological realities, and advocates for fair and inclusive access to digital tools, and to the knowledge necessary to:

  • master these tools;
  • understand their potential for creativity and self-expression;
  • develop a critical understanding of social issues relating to technology and digital literacy;
  • use these digital tools in the spirit of collective action and mutual aid.


Techno Culture Club is a non profit organisation that promotes and supports digital literacy and digital justice to make technology and digital culture more accessible, fair and participative.

Our approach

To accomplish our mission, TCC designs and presents professional and public activities, trainings and events on various subjects, including:

  • Techno-creative activities for beginners and advanced learners (visual and audio media creation, 3D modeling, etc.)
  • Digital justice and social issues relating to technology (digital privacy, fake news and misinformation online, cybersecurity, etc.)
  • Digital literacy

While making a constant effort to:

  • Pay special attention to vulnerable populations who are most affected by the digital divide and digital acceleration
  • Adapt our activities to the needs of our audiences
  • Favour collective and participatory approaches to learning and experimentation
  • Make material developed for our activities available for free online under open source licenses
  • Prioritize the use of free and open source software
  • Collaborate as equals with community organizations and communities to achieve common goals
  • Work with existing resources and public institutions to improve their practices and make them more accessible

Our team

Collaboration, and transparency are part of Techno Culture Club DNA. Based on a strong spirit of community engagement, a qualified and passionate staff is willing to share their energy, art and digital skills with communities.

  • Marie-Ève Blais, Executive Director
  • Amritha Sanmugam, Project Development Director
  • David Drouin, Services Director
  • Amanda Murphy, Human Ressources director
  • Virginie Savard, Communication Director
  • Beatriz Dominguez Hernandez, Communications Assistant
  • An-Laurence Higgins, Creative workshop facilitator
  • Stéphanie Jolicoeur, Creative workshop facilitator
  • Alessia Signorino, Creative workshop facilitator
  • Kelly Vu, Creative workshop facilitator

    AlphaNumérique Team

  • Bianca Néron, Director of Strategy for AlphaNumérique
  • Audrey-Anne Chisogne, Director of Logistics for AlphaNumérique
  • Marika Robert, Logistics assistant
  • Laurence Bissonnette, Community Liaison for the AlphaNumérique project
  • Aurelie Colomba, Community Liaison for the AlphaNumérique project (on leave)
  • Sophie Courchesne, AlphaNumérique workshop facilitator
  • Romain Jean-Jacques, Support Coordinator for the AlphaNumérique project
  • Lucas Kessas, AlphaNumérique workshop facilitator
  • Milène Leduc-Robillard, AlphaNumérique workshop facilitator
  • Véro Marengère, AlphaNumérique adaptation coordinator
  • Azin Mohammadi, AlphaNumérique workshop facilitator
  • Luísa Novara, AlphaNumérique workshop facilitator
  • Camil·le Sanschagrin, AlphaNumérique workshop facilitator