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Job Offer - Executive Director

Our team is currently hiring an Executive Director (ED). This person will support the overall sustainability and health of our organization by leading the development and implementation of our strategic priorities; guiding the organization in executing our vision; mentoring directors and supporting staff; managing organizational budgeting and finances; and, executing various administrative tasks.


Nouvelles plages horaires AlphaNumérique

Those activities are unfortunately not available in English. // Pour répondre à la demande, l’équipe AlphaNumérique a le plaisir de proposer de nouvelles plages horaires aux organismes communautaires pour sa programmation d’ateliers de sensibilisation et d’apprentissage au numérique, de janvier à avril 2021.


Job offer - Online Activities Facilitator

Our team is currently looking for a facilitator to run online activities as part of our digital literacy project (AlphaNumérique). The person will be responsible for facilitating workshops and other online activities, as well as provide technical support during these activities.

Parents technologiques, enfants numériques

In collaboration with Techno Culture Club, the Laval libraries offers two series of activities for parents of children aged three to eight to develop their digital skills to help them better understand the technological universe that surrounds them and better equip them to interact effectively with their children growing up in this universe.

AlphaNumérique : Digital Literacy Project

AlphaNumérique aims to use the experience and know-how of Techno Culture Club and the partners involved to reduce inequalities among the population by teaching the practical and critical skills fundamental to better navigate our digital society.

Coding for the environment


An experimentation project in schools to create teacher-guides and activities related to science and environment with micro:bits