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Communiqué - Appel à candidatures - Altercultura : un marathon créatif pour le Manoir seigneurial de Mascouche

Techno Culture Club, en collaboration avec Art Partage, lance un appel de candidatures pour un événement exceptionnel et inédit : Altercultura. La première édition se tiendra du 7 au 9 juin 2019 au Cégep régional de Lanaudière à Terrebonne et INÉDI, son Centre collégial de transfert de technologie (CCTT) dédié au design industriel.


MigrArt : Digital training program for immigrant artists of first and second generation

Under the DémART - MTL 2019 program, Techno Culture Club and the artist Feliz Tupe are working collaboratively to offer a serie of digital art training program to to immigrant artists of first and second generation from April 13th to July 4th, 2019 at Centre du Plateau.


Techno Culture Club joins NumeriCulture 2019 program

Techno Culture Club (TCC) joins the 2019 program of NumeriCulture which will take place at Gilles-Vigneault theatre of Saint-Jerome on March 25th to 27th. TCC has the honour to lead the opening day with participative activities related how to build a makerspace and to run a exhibition stand the last day.

Coding for the environment


Coding for the environment and citizen science. An experimentation project in schools to create teacher-guides and activities with micro:bits.



Museomix is a 3-day creative sprint at the backbone of a museum. More than 70 participants with diverse expertise gather into multidisciplinary teams in order to design and prototype new uses for digital culture in museums.

Digital arts residencies

In continuation to our “Digital Culture Kit” residency project held at the Studio, Techno Culture Club is hosting 2 artists for digital arts residencies from January to February 2019 with the purpose of creating “artwork kits” that are intended to offer new digital art experiences to library users.