Techno Culture Club creates services for people to aid in initiating change. Our services evolve and adapt to the needs of the techno-cultural community, currently we :

Creative, hands-on workshops on emergent and digital technologies.

We design and facilitate creative workshops around emergent technologies for cultural and educational institutions, and more generally, for anyone interested in learning (3D printing, virtual reality, digital fabrication, ...). Experimentation, active learning, and fun all values central to our workshop design, be they in our creative space or elsewhere (libraries, schools, ...). We…
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Professional development designed to instigate change.

We have designed (and continue to develop made to measure) professional development workshops around emergent practices and technologies. Our trainings evolve with user feedback and are adapted to the realities or challenges of each group. We include relevant and specific content, support documents, and creative situational experiences for participants to practice applying new information.…
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Support and made to measure consulting.

Nous fournissons un accompagnement sur mesure en créant des expériences techno-culturelles qui favorisent la transformation des organisations culturelles et éducatives tout en engageant la créativité de leurs publics (bibliothèques, musées). Nous créons constamment de nouveaux types d’accompagnement inspirés par les enjeux propres à chaque organisation. Nous nous appuyons sur le potentiel des nouvelles t…
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