Techno Culture Club wishes to create practical resources which may be readily shared (and remixed). Our resources touch on a variety of techno-creative subjects. They include, for example, techno-creative workshop guides for facilitators and more technical guides such as on equipment maintenance. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about our resources, their use, or if you would like to contribute.

A series of 3D printing workshops guides tested in and designed for libraries.

We tested and documented a series of 3D printing workshops guides ideally suited for libraries, thanks to the support of the Library Directorate of the city of Montréal and the participation of … Read more

The beginner’s guide on how to prevent technology from failing

An article published on our medium blog about preventative maintenance for shared fabrication spaces (medialabs, fablabs, makerspaces). Read it at this link. Too busy to read this now? We also made a… Read more