Techno Culture club was born to create, support, share, and organize awesome and memorable projects at the intersection of culture and techonology. Each project is carefully studied and then orchestrated and led by members of the community. Some projects are Montreal editions of international events, others are signature events imagined specially by Techno Culture Club
Oh yeah! We are always ready to collaborate on new extraordinary projects!

A series of open-source workshops on 3D printing that are appropriate for libraries.

ABC3D is an exploratory project seeking to design and prototype a dozen workshops on 3D printing in libraries, based on the living labs model. At the conclusion of the project, a detailed guide for…
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Museomix is a 3-day creative sprint at the backbone of a museum. More than 70 participants with diverse expertise gather into multidisciplinary teams in order to design and prototype new uses for digital culture in museums.

Museomix (MSMX) is a technological and cultural event, but foremost a laboratory of co-creative culture promoting the emergence of a museum which is open, networked and participative. Over 3 days,…
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Space Apps est un hackathon annuel, coorganisé avec la NASA, qui invite des amateurs de l'espace de tous profils à concevoir ensemble des dispositifs technologiques intersidéral.

Space Apps Challenge est un hackathon international de deux jours où des équipes de techniciens, scientifiques, designers, artistes, éducateurs, entrepreneurs, développeurs, et étudiants collaborent à tr…
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RDR est le site de veille collaborative autour de la techno-culture mis en place par Techno Culture Club

RADAR est né de l'envie de pouvoir partager des liens autour de la technoculture. Techno Culture Club a donc mis en place une plateforme de veille ouverte. Vous voulez rejoindre l'équipe de r…
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